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About the bar

About the bar

Willi’s Wine Bar is the proverbial hole in the wall, a speck of cosmic dust that is part of the fabric of Parisian life. Opening in October 1980, this revolutionary and convivial vinous establishment greets you from behind the funky 1930's facade, where at a long, polished oak bar you will find an enticing and very personal selection of wines by the glass and the bottle, available at all hours.

□ The Willi’s vinous offering, strongly pro French, is also attuned to greatness and individuality from other pastures, frequently landing up on the side of the ‘underdogs’ of the wine world. Put simply - at Willi’s, we just love diversity and individual, natural beauty.
□ The cuisine of chef François Yon is modern and seasonal. Nutritional excellence & vitality are at the heart of our daily changing menu that offers some of the best value dining in Paris.

The Willi's Bottle Art Collection now spans three decades during which time Willi's has commissioned a many a contemporary artist to create a new image for our ongoing series - a visual emotion of what we strive to put in your wine glass. Quite simply an individual artist’s expression of the pleasures of wine.

Our “Bottle Art” Posters have found their way into wine lore across the Globe as souvenirs of a moment sipping wine in a bar in Paris – for people who managed to find us – to corporate offices where people recall life beyond the desk, to the cellars of the passionate wine lover, as well as those of many talented, dedicated wine producers, but not ever forgetting the sacred use of covering a crack in the paintwork.
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