Peter Lippmann’s Poster for Willi’s – The Finest in Rot

“By making this wine vine known to the public, I have rendered my country as great a service as if I had enabled it to pay back the national debt”. Thomas Jefferson

Who, more fitting than Jefferson, for a quote to accompany a Lippmann image ? He, an American, a lover of France & French life & Peter Lippmann, ‘un photographe Americain à Paris’, who is now so French that he can no longer separate the pieces !

Lippmann, who would prefer to be known for his life as a song writer & rock star, having formed & morphed many a band in his short life – The Burps, Walking the Dog, The Well Hung Something’s & most recently The Lobotonics – cannot escape the fact that when the phone rings it is more often clients like Christian Louboutin, Vogue, Cartier… looking for the Midas touch of Peter’s fabulous magazine & advertising work.

This image for Willi’s Bottle Art Collection is quite literally stolen from an amazing series of photographs, soon to be published, that Peter has been working on over the last few years. He has compiled a stunning collection of late harvest grapes with ‘pourriture noble’ & ‘pastrillage’ from some of the greatest vineyards of Europe.

Does this poster make you think of outer space or jewellery? Can you sense the natural purity & seductive power burried in these extraordinary grapes? Peter’s image is a testament for the wine lover, a reminder, if one is required, that even the rotten have some show stopping qualities…& I shall drink to that.

Caitlin Boyce wrote of these images on wildapplause March 2012 «Peter Lippmann’s work reveals this noble state and reminds us of a very important fact.   Death is real.  It comes to everyone.  These images ask us not to avoid it, but instead look at it and see its beauty. To me these are not just images of rotting fruit, but a thoughtful, graceful and intimate symbolic display of the human condition. »

With such an opinion in mind you immediately appreciate why there are just 100 signed copies of this poster. Caitlin may have missed out on the very real life giving juice that I see here ! For all of us, as life comes first, may there be time for a lot more.


Willi’s New Web Site goes live !

Be one of the first 50 people in the World to order a poster on our new web site & receive a copy of the complete Willi’s PosterCard Collection, worth 29€/ 39$US, for free !!

The launch of our latest beast offers a more integral approach than our previous efforts

  • It is in both French & English
  • It is a Gateway to Macéo Restaurant & Willi-Links, our blog
  • The Bottle Art Gallery viewing experience of is noticeably improved
  • Our Bottle Art Collection of posters may be simply & rapidly ordered online for delivery Worldwide in both € & $
  • Transport options & costs have been significantly improved

Our long awaited ‘latest release’ will be out & available very, very soon. “The Noble Rot Years”, created by the photographic genius Peter Lippmann, winner of this years Gold Award at the AOP for his Christian Louboutin series, will be one of our more dramatic images. Watch this space.

In receiving this mail, as a client previously registered on Williswinebar.US, you will now find it a necessary inconvenience to re-enter your details to activate your account on the new site, as these have not transferred from .US – soon to be discontinued. This may be done by simply signing up or when placing an order.

We trust you agree that this « Markom » creation has been worth the wait ! We are out there, trying to better that amazing « click by click » experience, never forgetting that the ultimate pleasures will always be found in your wine glass.

Wishing you a wonderful week-end from us all at Willi’s,


Willi’s Wedding Gift Ideas for William & Kate

I suppose that, when this charming couple, to whom I wish much long overdue happiness, are married that Kate will possibly refer to the Prince as ‘Willi’ in affectionate tones.
There are just hours left & I have only now realized that I have left this problem rather late. The obvious choice ‘fit for a King’ would be the 1996 Mr. King dressed so appropriately in the colours of the Union. It would go remarkably well in the Royal study.

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Willi’s Living Memoirs 1980-2010

Willi's Memoirs. The PosterCard Collection

Willi's Memoires. PosterCard CollectorBox

Books, I am reliably informed, are traditionally released on a Thursday. While this latest Willi’s Bottle Collection publication is not exactly a book, being more of a loose leaf flirt with the written word, it does however stand in the way of time, brandishing its message in the most audible manner.

These Willi’s Memoirs are out early, pointedly colorful and delivered with candid clarity. The CollectorBox of 22 Vintage ‘Bottle Art’ posters from 1980-2010 leaves no graphical detail unturned. A particularly fragrant narrative to be attacked with the aid of a good corkscrew. Furthermore, these images are the most perfect size to cover a Kindle, allowing one to indicate to the Sommelier that at this table Wine is of relevance. The annoying claim that these memoirs are printed in a Universal language is defendable too – a point unlikely to be made when the true story is finally told.

The Poster Card Collection will be on sale at Willi’s as from today, available on the Web as soon as I can upload the necessary information. UGHHHH.. ! Until then, a very big thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible.

Yes, that means you too !

Merci Beaucoup

The Incredible Lightness of Not Being – Anthony Mc Call in Paris

McCall - Hangar Bicocca Milan 2009

McCall installation at Hangar Bicocca, Milan, 2009

Just a few short years ago an explanation would have surely been required when describing the works of Anthony Mc Call. Without exaggeration this is very possibly no longer the case. Anthony Mc Call’s ‘Solid Light Shows’ have multiplied across the planet & the French cultural scene, while not alone, has been bold & outspoken in its praise as well as in welcoming Mc Call to exhibit on a disarming number of occasions over the last five years.

This illuminary man is ‘de retour à Paris’ this week with a breathtaking ‘mis en scene’ at Le Collège des Bernardins, where he is installing the double-vertical work entitled Between You and I.

Jean de Loisy, “Commissaire d’exposition indépendant” and the man behind this latest and most moving installation at the Bernadins is unequivocal in his description of Anthony Mc Call, refering to him as “un artist immense”.

Les Bernardins is a stunning 14th Century one-time monastery and center of theological depart in early Paris, with a forest of slender gothic limestone columns. The exhibit is in the Old Sacristy.

The show will run from  Jeudi 3 Fevrier — Samedi 16 Avril.

Numerous barely disguised hints have been given to this unique artist in relation to him joining the very closed club of creative people who have contributed to the Willi’s Bottle Art Collection.

Julianne Hough & Ryan Seacrest Spend Romantic Holiday in Paris – Couples, Julianne Hough, Ryan Seacrest :

Lunch, paparazzi, & also posters from Willi’s Bottle Art Collection.

Only after all that did they put the Loubout-in.

Sorry, I ment on !

Buying Willi’s Bottle Art Posters. Easy as pulling a cork !

Here is some advice on ways to purchase our wonderful collection of Willi’s Bottle Art posters. The Bottle Art collection of posters is divided into three categories :

1) The Willi’s Bottle Art Current Editions of unsigned posters – mainly the most recent posters to be released.

2) The Willi’s Bottle Art Reserve Editions of unsigned posters – Editions in short supply that will soon be ‘out of print’ –  including posters from our rare Re-Editions.

3) The Willi’s Bottle Art Signed Velin Editions – Printed on the finest ‘cotton wove’, these valuable Collector Affiches are individually hand signed by the artist.

“So where can I purchase the collection of Willi’s Bottle Art posters ?”

Paris Right Bank

Willi’s Wine Bar, 13 Rue des Petits Champs, Paris 75001 Open Monday-Saturday.

All our posters may be purchased at the bar & are available in convenient tubes for traveling

Paris Left Bank

La Derniere Goûtte, 6 Rue Bourbon-la-Château, Paris 75006 Open all week.

A selection of our posters may be purchased at the ‘best wine store’ on the left bank & are available in convenient tubes for traveling


Vins Pierre Boinet, cours Jean de Vienne –  HONFLEUR 14600 Open all week.

A selection of our posters may be purchased from Pierre’s sensational new store by the harbor & are available in convenient tubes for traveling

Online purchase options - – offering all Willi’s Bottle Art posters currently available. For clients in Europe, Asia, Australia etc. Prices in €. Payment with PayPal, Visa & Mastercard. –  offering all Willi’s Bottle Art posters currently available. For clients in North America. Prices in $US. Payment with Amex, Visa & Mastercard, Google Checkout. – offering a select range of  Willi’s Bottle Art to the discerning clients of this leading California Wine Merchant. Prices in $US.

Willi’s – Facebook, Twitter et all that Jazz

Bonjour , Bonjour !

I apologize for any unwanted @mail you may have very occasionally recieved from moi & wish to thank you for your ongoing interest in Willi’s Wine Bar. All 10950 days of it. Merci beaucoup !

Willi’s turns 30 this year & will be closed for a Serious Refit from the 19th of February – the 8th of March 2010. During this time Macéo, our delightful restaurant next door, will be open as usual & only too happy to receive you for a glass of wine, lunch & dinner.

Willi’s – Amis du Comptoir on Facebook. A place to come with your virtual corkscrew & your daily tastes & stories about where you left that poster tube.

Willi’s on Twitter. In order to deal with announcements on a more up to date and convivial way as well to better handle requests for Out of Print Editions of  the Willi’s Bottle Art Collection will make announcements about new posters, special offers on current editions, collector releases & the Signed Velin Editions.

The 22nd poster, from Jean Charles de Castelbajac, will have a sequel this Autumn so you may look forward to an exciting new edition to the ongoing Willi’s Bottle Art Collection. The new Willi’s Bottle Art Post Card Collection will also be released in an anniversary Edition later this year, updated to contain the whole current collection of our Bottle Art Posters.

The first wine from Evening Land Vineyards ‘Côte d’Or’, a lively & pure Pouilly Fuissé 2008, vinified by Christophe Vial, has arrived at Willi’s & Macéo where it is being poured by the glass. Patty Lurie over at the The Left Bank wine shop, La Derniere Goutte, will also be selling the Pouilly Fuissé while the confidential stocks last.

À très bientôt,