JANCIS ROBINSON & NICK LANDER book signing duo at Willi’s

This vinferous couple will be signing copies of their just released books at

Willi’s Wine Bar

Samedi le 8 Décembre de 12H-13H

Wine Grapes «The Larousse of grape varieties» contains 1,368 distinct grape varieties currently under ‘commercial production’ in the World (& in France). Wine Grapes represents four years work, (the time it takes to get a recognisable harvest), is written by Jancis Robinson MW, Julia Harding MW, Robinson’s researcher and associate palate, with botanist and grape geneticist, José Vouillamoz.

“There is huge interest in non-standard grape varieties and we include the origins and history of each varieties, as well as interesting social stories, details of where they are grown, how much is grown and what it’s been called and what the wine tastes like now.”

The Art of the Restaurateur is a compelling look behind the scenes at some of the world’s best restaurants, and celebrates the complex art of the restaurateur. Nicholas Lander, acclaimed Financial Times restaurant critic & former restaurateur, reveals everything you ever wanted to know about the restaurant business, presenting the untold stories of the world’s best restaurateurs, from luxurious Michelin-starred restaurants, to bustling neighbourhood bistros, to stylish fast-food cafes. Every story is fascinating, entertaining, and has something to tell about the creation of a successful restaurant, it’s a must-read for anyone interested in food, and for anyone who’s ever dreamed of opening a restaurant.
Danny Meyer, NY restaurateur ‘If you are planning, or even dreaming of, opening a restaurant of your own, then this will be more use to you than any cookbook. A great read too.’

Signed copies will be available from Willi’s on the day –
Wine Grapes will be offered at 129€
The Art of the Restaurateur will be offered at 28€
The Signed duo of these books will be offered at 149€
Very limited stocks – you still can’t drink books !

On Time. 30 years late. Willi’s Extension Confirmed.

“Prendre un verre à la Mirotirie – sera bientôt possible”

Willi’s will be closing for enlargement on the 14th JULY. Soon the hole in the wall that for for 30 odd years has been Willi’s will be no more.

To those people who stood outside shaking their heads in uncomprehending bewilderment, wearing expressions that said ‘is this ReallY it ?!” I will soon be able to reply, “well no, Willi’s is , as you would imagine, huge…”

No Ball Room like Macéo, but there will be a ‘Magnum Room’, a ‘Willi Boutique’, a ‘Salon Grand Willi’ – to mention just a few of the parts involved in this project.


For as long as Willi’s has been in existence, I have patiently waited to take over the space currently called ‘L’Ancien Maison Jam’ which has been a ‘mirotirie’, or fittingly, glass shop next door.

Our neighbour has decided to retire. Not a minute too soon, mon ami. In fact, had he mentioned the fact before our remodeling just over two years ago, it would have been moderately helpful…

Having waited all this time I am hopeful that I will avoid the complications encountered by my friends Daniel Rose & Juan Sanchez, who became bogged down in endless complications when respectively fitting out their new restaurants.

It is never easy dealing with a whole host of movable, susceptible independent spirits & parameters, but the plan as it stands today involves work starting on the extension on June 1st, the boutiques being joined on July 14th & reopening as the new place in town on August 1st – just when everyone goes on holiday !

More photos on FB ici

Verre l’avenir & à bientôt for work in progress

Peter Lippmann’s Poster for Willi’s – The Finest in Rot

“By making this wine vine known to the public, I have rendered my country as great a service as if I had enabled it to pay back the national debt”. Thomas Jefferson

Who, more fitting than Jefferson, for a quote to accompany a Lippmann image ? He, an American, a lover of France & French life & Peter Lippmann, ‘un photographe Americain à Paris’, who is now so French that he can no longer separate the pieces !

Lippmann, who would prefer to be known for his life as a song writer & rock star, having formed & morphed many a band in his short life – The Burps, Walking the Dog, The Well Hung Something’s & most recently The Lobotonics – cannot escape the fact that when the phone rings it is more often clients like Christian Louboutin, Vogue, Cartier… looking for the Midas touch of Peter’s fabulous magazine & advertising work.

This image for Willi’s Bottle Art Collection is quite literally stolen from an amazing series of photographs, soon to be published, that Peter has been working on over the last few years. He has compiled a stunning collection of late harvest grapes with ‘pourriture noble’ & ‘pastrillage’ from some of the greatest vineyards of Europe.

Does this poster make you think of outer space or jewellery? Can you sense the natural purity & seductive power burried in these extraordinary grapes? Peter’s image is a testament for the wine lover, a reminder, if one is required, that even the rotten have some show stopping qualities…& I shall drink to that.

Caitlin Boyce wrote of these images on wildapplause March 2012 «Peter Lippmann’s work reveals this noble state and reminds us of a very important fact.   Death is real.  It comes to everyone.  These images ask us not to avoid it, but instead look at it and see its beauty. To me these are not just images of rotting fruit, but a thoughtful, graceful and intimate symbolic display of the human condition. »

With such an opinion in mind you immediately appreciate why there are just 100 signed copies of this poster. Caitlin may have missed out on the very real life giving juice that I see here ! For all of us, as life comes first, may there be time for a lot more.


Willi’s New Web Site goes live !

Be one of the first 50 people in the World to order a poster on our new web site & receive a copy of the complete Willi’s PosterCard Collection, worth 29€/ 39$US, for free !!

The launch of our latest beast offers a more integral approach than our previous efforts

  • It is in both French & English
  • It is a Gateway to Macéo Restaurant & Willi-Links, our blog
  • The Bottle Art Gallery viewing experience of is noticeably improved
  • Our Bottle Art Collection of posters may be simply & rapidly ordered online for delivery Worldwide in both € & $
  • Transport options & costs have been significantly improved

Our long awaited ‘latest release’ will be out & available very, very soon. “The Noble Rot Years”, created by the photographic genius Peter Lippmann, winner of this years Gold Award at the AOP for his Christian Louboutin series, will be one of our more dramatic images. Watch this space.

In receiving this mail, as a client previously registered on Williswinebar.US, you will now find it a necessary inconvenience to re-enter your details to activate your account on the new site, as these have not transferred from .US – soon to be discontinued. This may be done by simply signing up or when placing an order.

We trust you agree that this « Markom » creation has been worth the wait ! We are out there, trying to better that amazing « click by click » experience, never forgetting that the ultimate pleasures will always be found in your wine glass.

Wishing you a wonderful week-end from us all at Willi’s,


Steven the Conquerer or the Brut of Bride Valley

A Sheepless Moment of Bliss

Steven Spurrier, who provided the World of Wine its Cinderella moment with the dramatic playoff known as the ‘Judgement of Paris’ in 1976, recently celebrated his 70th birthday with a splendidly joyous event in Dorset.

The man who bought the Wines of the World into the World of Wine has not finished surprising us all just yet.

Bride Valley Vineyard Litton Cheney Dorset

Steven’s latest bout of lateral applied thought has involved meticulously removing the charmingly quaint population of sheep, (he is fortunate that sheep do not live in caravans), from the superbly exposed amphitheatre shaped hillside directly above the church of Litton Cheney, itself a storybook like village on the Dorset coast outside Bridport. France is nowhere in sight.

Cheeky enough, you might think, to have removed his wife’s livestock, but this transformation was to involve convincing Bella Spurrier, who is clearly running for Sainthood, to learn to drive a tractor & to plant 3,5 hectars of vines there where once her lambs learnt to do the Cha-Cha.

Steven is convinced that the band of Kimmeridgian soil, so fundamental to the quality of the wines of Chablis & Champagne and that originates here, will be the key justification for his bold & brutal act. The rest is down to Global Warming, for even in the South of England the sun comes out on Sunday.

Bride Valley Vineyard Chardonnay Grapes

The Bride Valley Vineyard, still in its infancy, will harvest its first few grapes in October 2011, from ’3rd leaf’ vines of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier & Chardonnay. Steven’s aim is to make a classy, up market ‘Methode Champenois’ and, based on the evidence currently visible in his beautiful vineyard, will succeed brilliantly.

The three year Chardonnay vines look particularly happy, clearly having established themselves in a manner not unlike the French community of South Kensington. While the crop from these young vines seemed modest this year, I am sure there would have been eager takers of these healthy grapes across the English Channel.

Dom Perignon could not have imagined this

Steven & Bella plan to plant a further 1,5 hectares over the next couple of years, giving the production 60% Chardonnay with an even split between Pinot Meunier & Pinot Noir.

I wonder if, 950 years after ‘all that’, Spurrier the Great shall not remove his Crown Caps & head back to the Continent to do battle once more. The man of whom it has been said “definitively ended the 100 years war”, may just be about to start a new one.

Splitting the Strawberry and other Great Dishes

News has been/is swamped by misfit dictators whom seem intent in remodeling themselves on myself, by tempestuous ladies called Emily & Irene as well as some of the problems one encounters when trying to get dependable room service in New York’s hotels.

Who, I ask, can compete with all that ? Clutch a glass, stay motionless & indoors. Shake your head occasionally. Perhaps invest your last €’s in reserve supply’s of wines for pure – & instant – pleasure.

I think, Summer passed, that I may have found a morsel left by a banker. Hold the back page.

It all started while reading an article in the Guardian – yes I know, but it is one of the few remaining UK newspapers with traction, substance & grip – on the closing of El Bulli. This enjoyable piece of writing ended with its author suggesting & wishing that we could all now move on, or possibly return, to the simple but noble pleasures of eating & drinking. She said something to the effect of  ‘it would be nice to have something on ones plate in restaurants again’.

Well, Paris is my starting point for that not so elusive plate of abundance, but I was pulled up short in my confident stride to the table by the restaurant critiques SnR* of the moment. With Fernand Adria safely eclipsed, there seems to be a movement underway to unearth his successor. Preferably & understandably in Paris. This ladies wishes may yet go unheeded. As I discovered, not without amusement, interest & undeniable pallet pleasure, the temptation to cross the room to serve two halfs of a ‘Mara des Bois’ strawberry can be greater than the wish to satisfy our understandably famished Guardian journalist.

This journalist will be welcome at Macéo where our new chef, Maître Park, is playing to her wishes while quietly developing new twists that are best described as ‘Culinary Subversion’. Maître Park, a native Korean, has spent more than a few years working alongside some of France’s most respected chefs & perhaps because of this experience manages not to achieve the obvious conjured up in the mention ‘Fusion’. Park’s culinary offerings most definitely do not resemble experiments reminiscent of molecular collisions.

There is no obvious violence in his carefully thought out preparations. In fact you may not even be immediately aware that subversive work is quietly at play in the kitchens of Macéo. “Circulez, il y à rien à voir”.

So what, I hear you ask, happened to Thierry Bourbonnais, Macéo’s great chef for the last 8 years ? Thierry, like many chefs I have worked with over the last 30 years, is to open his very own restaurant. Soon. I have absolutely no doubt that he will enjoy a long & successful career as patron-chef & wish him all the very best. He will be opening his restaurant in Crosne. When you find out where that is, please tell me !

No mention of ‘new’ would be complete without welcoming the soon to be not so Hidden Kitchen of the dazzling American couple, Laura & Braden, out into the lights of the Rue Montponsier. They are poised, on 3 floors & just 3 doors down from Macéo, waiting to open ‘Vertjus’ in the place of  ‘Alfred’ – just across the road from the Theatre du Palais Royale. See ‘Paris by Mouth’ for upcoming details on this & other essential morsels.

Finally, my great friends Juan & Drew are battling with shadows to complete their latest restaurant across the Rue de (in)Seine from Fish. Le ‘Temps Perdu’ which has done a great job making them do just that, is going to open some time in November under a more fortunate name. Just don’t quote me.

*sniff & rave

Willi’s Wedding Gift Ideas for William & Kate

I suppose that, when this charming couple, to whom I wish much long overdue happiness, are married that Kate will possibly refer to the Prince as ‘Willi’ in affectionate tones.
There are just hours left & I have only now realized that I have left this problem rather late. The obvious choice ‘fit for a King’ would be the 1996 Mr. King dressed so appropriately in the colours of the Union. It would go remarkably well in the Royal study.

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Willi’s Living Memoirs 1980-2010

Willi's Memoirs. The PosterCard Collection

Willi's Memoires. PosterCard CollectorBox

Books, I am reliably informed, are traditionally released on a Thursday. While this latest Willi’s Bottle Collection publication is not exactly a book, being more of a loose leaf flirt with the written word, it does however stand in the way of time, brandishing its message in the most audible manner.

These Willi’s Memoirs are out early, pointedly colorful and delivered with candid clarity. The CollectorBox of 22 Vintage ‘Bottle Art’ posters from 1980-2010 leaves no graphical detail unturned. A particularly fragrant narrative to be attacked with the aid of a good corkscrew. Furthermore, these images are the most perfect size to cover a Kindle, allowing one to indicate to the Sommelier that at this table Wine is of relevance. The annoying claim that these memoirs are printed in a Universal language is defendable too – a point unlikely to be made when the true story is finally told.

The Poster Card Collection will be on sale at Willi’s as from today, available on the Web as soon as I can upload the necessary information. UGHHHH.. ! Until then, a very big thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible.

Yes, that means you too !

Merci Beaucoup

The Incredible Lightness of Not Being – Anthony Mc Call in Paris

McCall - Hangar Bicocca Milan 2009

McCall installation at Hangar Bicocca, Milan, 2009

Just a few short years ago an explanation would have surely been required when describing the works of Anthony Mc Call. Without exaggeration this is very possibly no longer the case. Anthony Mc Call’s ‘Solid Light Shows’ have multiplied across the planet & the French cultural scene, while not alone, has been bold & outspoken in its praise as well as in welcoming Mc Call to exhibit on a disarming number of occasions over the last five years.

This illuminary man is ‘de retour à Paris’ this week with a breathtaking ‘mis en scene’ at Le Collège des Bernardins, where he is installing the double-vertical work entitled Between You and I.

Jean de Loisy, “Commissaire d’exposition indépendant” and the man behind this latest and most moving installation at the Bernadins is unequivocal in his description of Anthony Mc Call, refering to him as “un artist immense”.

Les Bernardins is a stunning 14th Century one-time monastery and center of theological depart in early Paris, with a forest of slender gothic limestone columns. The exhibit is in the Old Sacristy.

The show will run from  Jeudi 3 Fevrier — Samedi 16 Avril.

Numerous barely disguised hints have been given to this unique artist in relation to him joining the very closed club of creative people who have contributed to the Willi’s Bottle Art Collection.

Romantic dining in Paris

Willi's Bottle Art CollectionSteven Spurrier invited me to help his delightful niece to find a suitably romantic restaurant for dinner last month. Overlooking the fact that he is paid up member of Macéo, which has some of the lovlyiest dining spaces in the Capital, Steven, who is normally a picture of moderation & balanced commentary, managed to claim that Macéo was ‘Very Romantic’, but not quite romantic enough for the lovely niece in question. It is well known that I have a thick skin, so I brushed this churlish comment off with good grace and made some suggestions to the young lady -

Romance is happily just like dessert. So difficult to know the sins of others ! If one eliminates the ‘very Parisian’ bistrots & brasseries for being to pacy & noisy, one could by the same measure eliminate a lot of the newer trendy places on the basis of them not being any where near warmed up enough for romance. Here are a few places & a good bar, always useful.

The bar at the Hyatt Vendome, just across the road from Tiffany’s & a stones throw for the ‘go straight to ruin’ jewelers on the place Vendome, is a perfect spot to set the tone, even if  the stores in question should mercifully be closed at the hour of your aperitif. The bar is classy & quietly trendy, they pour good champagne & a few choice wines as well as making cocktails, providing snacks etc.

A short walk separates you from the beautiful & elegant main dining room at Pierre à la Fontaine Gaillon which is an obvious choice for dinner. Cosy, softly lit & relatively intimate, the cuisine is unfussy, pure Classic French & generally top notch. Wine list most satisfactory. Owned by Gerrard Depardieu, who also has a cute ‘Ecailler’ just the other side of the place, Pierre can draw the ‘in crowd’. Lovely terrace in front of the fountain for those sun kissed days.

La Table du Lancaster in the Rue de Berri is very pretty, small, discreet & très comfortable. In the summer there is a terrace on which to dine too. One can ‘prendre l’aperitif’ in their charming salon. The culinary input comes from Michel Troisgros & the offering is inventive, lively & modern from a classic base. The wine list is surprisingly inclusive & up to date. Service can be marginally Daliesque but, as you would expect from Mick’s favorite Parisian hotel, is capable of coping with almost any situation.

La Fable de la Fontaine in the 7th is minuscule, but unlike most French bistrots du gendre has avoided the temptation to pack in an extra 3 couverts. Decorated in chocolate & orange tones, la Fable offers some beautifully prepared, mainly fish based dishes with cutting edge appeal. The wine list is generous & well chosen. Try for a corner table away from the bar. Terrace dining in the summer.
In the 9th Casa Olympe is fun & lovely, but you will share your romance with your neighbors. In les Halles Pharamond has an amazing dining room, but is possibly a little hearty for romance, the culinary offering here being better suited to “dinner with pals”. Terrace in the Summer. Behind Notre Dame Les Itiniraires on the Left bank is a place that has it all. Modern, but cosy, great ambience, an alert culinary offering, marvelously democratically priced wine list. You can stroll along the banks of the Seine after dinner too.